Thanksgiving, 2017


Thanksgiving, 2017[1]

by Rabbi Corinne Copnick



Photo credit: Ben Cherry


I feel a poem grow in me

like green grass dotting

faded frosty plains,


jade clusters sculpting

flattened land

again to leafy life.


I feel a poem rise in me

like high hilltops tombed

in fog as sudden sun

seeps softly through,


coaxing far-down coastal

waters to glitter

silvered streaks

beyond the broken rocks.


I feel a poem’s urge.


©️Corinne Copnick Spiegel, Embrace/Etreinte: A Love Story in Poetry (Montreal, Editions Guy Maheux, 1981) 63.  

[1] A limited edition, this bilingual (English/French) book can occasionally be found in rare book stores. “Thanksgiving, 2017” was originally titled “Process.”